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Avec Plaisir can help you with all your issues regarding allergens.


Being referenced on one of our platforms will allow you to increase your visibility and benefit from a guarantee of reliability & quality (if eligible to our quality standards). You will be able to access a dedicated space to manage your establishment’s information and consult the latest news of the sector.


Strong of our expertise, networks and dedicated communities, Avec Plaisir designs, orchestrates and amplifies your communication towards a qualified target (national or local level, segmented according to its diet – gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan…)


Avec Plaisir can help you with all your issues: regulation (allergens display, labelling…), culinary consulting, supplier sourcing… with practical tools and packs or tailor-made options.


Avec Plaisir helps you increase your business thanks to its trainings on allergens. Educate or raise awareness among your team about: allergies and allergens, regulation and labelling, welcoming of allergic customers, the “free-from” cuisine… We can adapt our class to your stakes.


Thanks to your website, I’ve found many gluten-free restaurants where I can eat safely in Lyon! Before I only knew a few. But now I tried many others! I just made a reservation for tonight! Thanks!

Nate, Gluten Hypersensitive

I discovered your website a few months ago. Thanks to your platform, I can now go back with my family at restaurants and spend time together, without fearing for my daughter! It is a real pleasure!

Heather, mother of a girl allergic to milk

With all your allergen-free shop, I have rediscovered my love for cake! I did not know about all these places! Especially a pastry shop, where I try every cake, one by one!

Marion, egg-white intolerant

Do you know other allergen-free places: bakery, restaurant or shop?

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We will be glad to contact them to add them to our community of allergen-free locations. We will verify that they meet all our standards of quality. You can also ask them to submit their establishment on the site directly.


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Julie Maillard, Avec Plaisir founder

"I was diagnosed with gluten and lactose intolerance in 2011 while I was still studying. I had to stop eating foods that I loved. My diet was pretty manageable at home, but eating out was a struggle! Whether with colleagues, clients or even friends, finding a place where I would be able to eat safely was a real challenge! That’s why I launched Avec Plaisir!"

Céline, Community Manager

"I am a blogger who is intolerant to gluten, milk, and eggs. I am also the mother of a little girl with several allergies. My goal is to talk about allergies so that they are no longer a matter for social exclusion."

Olivier, Business Advisor

"Since 2016, I have advised the Avec Plaisir team on entrepreneurial and business strategy to ensure a successful launch."

Judith, business developer

"Issue d’une famille d’intolérants et d’allergiques, je suis convaincue de la nécessité du projet porté par Avec Plaisir, et heureuse de contribuer au développement de l’offre de restauration en France afin que la gourmandise reste accessible à tous malgré leurs contraintes alimentaires."

Alex, Pastry Chef

"Graduated from culinary school, I discovered the gluten-free world after meeting my girlfriend who has Celiac Disease. Since then, I have adapted and created gluten-free recipes so that I could share my passion for cooking with her. And now, I’m sharing them with all of you!"

Professionals, join us!

Avec Plaisir values professionals who show intuitive to create food that everyone can enjoy, specifically individuals with food allergies and dietary restrictions. 

Our team specializes in helping restaurants, bakeries, hotels, and other brands accompany customers with food allergies, intolerances, and other dietary restrictions. From implementing safety procedures to team training, our team can help you reach the requirements to be listed on our platform and attract new clientele. 

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