#HalloweenPourTous, manifesto

The purpose of Avec Plaisir is to be able to enjoy a gourmet meal anywhere like anybody, whatever your dietary restrictions (allergies, intolerances, diabetes, vegan diet ...). 

True to this logic, we decided to join the movement of the Teal Pumpkin Project initiated across the Atlantic, to make Halloween a party for all!

Admittedly, in France, Halloween does not have the same magnitude and many blame the party for its marketing aspect. But for us, it's also an opportunity to raise awareness, talk about allergies in a positive way. Remember that in France, 8% of children have to deal with food allergies. Their daily lives are often synonymous with deprivations, adaptations and sometimes exclusion. So the time of an evening, we want to offer them the opportunity to enjoy the party like everyone else!




It's quite simple: decorate a pumpkin in teal blue, put on our door our poster, to indicate that you offer non-food surprises. Spread the news everywhere, using the hashtag #halloweenforall

Download our posters and our Facebook visuals to put you in the colors of Halloween For All


Poster HalloweenForAll Avec Plaisir A teal pumpkin for allergic kids Flyer explicatif Halloweenpourtous Avec Plaisir


Poster to affix on your door 

Door Poster

Flyer and awareness poster

Awareness Flyer

Facebook cover and profile photo

Visuals for Facebook

Coloring themed Halloween

Coloring themed Halloween


Yes, I will have a turquoise pumpkin for Halloween!


I add my teal pumpkin on the map




Découvrir toutes les citrouilles près de chez vous sur notre googlemaps






Our advise to enjoy the party

Here are some tips for celebrating Halloween with your child without taking any chances.



- Accompany the children, for an exit safely!


- Formal prohibition to eat anything during the harvest but plan in your pockets, snacks (sweets, cupcakes, ...) without allergens.


- Always bring your emergency kit with you. We never know !


- Once the harvest is finished, sort it out. Check that the treats offered are safe. When in doubt or in the absence of information on the ingredients, spread them out.


- For the little ones, use the legend of the friendly allergy witch who swaps in the night, candies containing allergens for gifts or treats they can eat.