The Team

Julie Maillard, Avec Plaisir founder

"I was diagnosed with gluten and lactose intolerance in 2011 while I was still studying. I had to stop eating foods that I loved. My diet was pretty manageable at home, but eating out was a struggle! Whether with colleagues, clients or even friends, finding a place where I would be able to eat safely was a real challenge! That’s why I launched Avec Plaisir!"

Céline, Community Manager

"I am a blogger who is intolerant to gluten, milk, and eggs. I am also the mother of a little girl with several allergies. My goal is to talk about allergies so that they are no longer a matter for social exclusion."

Olivier, Business Advisor

"Since 2016, I have advised the Avec Plaisir team on entrepreneurial and business strategy to ensure a successful launch."

Oumaima, Nutritionist & Health and Food Safety

"As a nutritionist, I help people with allergies or specific diets. Since I graduated with a master in Health and Food Safety, I have been educating professionals on food allergies."

Alex, Pastry Chef

"Graduated from culinary school, I discovered the gluten-free world after meeting my girlfriend who has Celiac Disease. Since then, I have adapted and created gluten-free recipes so that I could share my passion for cooking with her. And now, I’m sharing them with all of you!"