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Workshop / Factory Façon Chocolat Free from Gluten


Façon Chocolat

33 Rue Archinard, 26400 Crest, France

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**** CODE PROMO : 1 mini-tablette (40g) offerte à partir de 35€ de commande en indiquant le code AP2020 ****

Since 2003 Façon Chocolat, organic chocolate of the Drôme, offers a wide range of organic, gluten-free, dairy-free chocolates, but also without lecithin or vanillin!

All recipes are prepared from simple quality ingredients: cocoa, sugar, spices, essential oils... Dried or fresh fruits, almond paste ... can be added to play with flavors! The cocoa used by Façon Chocolat comes from very good Latin American beans, as recalls their logo formed with a quetzal, bird, emblem of Guatemala.

The production is entirely artisanal and the workshop is even opened on the shop: at Façon Chocolat, you see the chocolatiers working!

The products are made without technical adjuvant (no lecithin or palm oil), without aromatic adjuvant (without vanillin), the workshop does not use gluten, soy, rice, egg or pork gelatin ... Façon Chocolat even makes sugar-free chocolates (87% and 100% cocoa), perfect for people with diabetes or for full cocoa lovers!
Depending on your tastes and desires, you can choose between rocher, fruit bites but also almond pasta, dark chocolate drops, various chocolate bars ... The workshop only works with dark chocolate. You will not find milk chocolate there!

At Christmas, indulge yourself with their advent calendar, truffles, chocolate molding or hazelnut praline pretzels (no milk, no gluten, no lecithin). At Easter, the chocolate factory offers all kinds of eggs or chicken molding. To buy on the spot in their shop, or to order on their site (delivery in France and in Europe).

In the summer, Façon Chocolat also offers a wide range of organic sorbets, homemade, without milk / lactose, without gluten, without lecithin. 15 flavors (chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, cinnamon, blackcurrant, mango ...) available in small and large pots to take away or consume on site!

There is no gluten or milk or soy in their workshop, but some raw materials may contain potential traces of gluten, soy or milk (including chocolates 100%, 67%, 62% cocoa) because of potential cross contamination in the supplier. It does not concern all raw materials: the good news is 70% chocolate is gluten-free! For chocolates made with nuts (hazelnuts, almonds ...), there can be a risk of cross-contamination with gluten, milk, egg, peanut and sesame at the supplier, even if these products are not present into the workshop.

Free from Lupin

Free from Corn

Free from Crustaceans

Free from Molluscs


Free from Gluten

Free from Lactose

Free from Milk

Free from Egg

Free from Peanut

Free from Rice

Free from Sulfite

Free from Celery

Free from Mustard

Free from Sesame

Free from Fish

Free from Soya



Pig gelatin


Low glycemic index






No added sugar


Salt-free diet

Remember to always indicate your food allergies or intolerances to the server and/or manager.
  • Dedicated Lab
  • Homemade
Price example
**** 1 mini-tablette en cadeau (40g) à partir de 35€ de commande => code : AP2020 **** Tablette chocolat noir - 100g : 4,20€
Papillote - Malakoff festif noir sans lait - 120g : 9,50€
Palet noir 150g :10€
Fondue Noir ou Praliné - 300g : 13€


Façon Chocolat

33 Rue Archinard, 26400 Crest, France
04 75 25 01 94
Accès transports La rue Archinard est dans le prolongement de la rue principale de Crest qui traverse la ville d'est en ouest, vous nous trouverez côté est de la ville vers la place des Moulins, non loin de la mairie (se garer sur la place de la mairie, cours Joubernon). A noter, la rue est piétonne le matin.
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