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Avec Plaisir: Let's make Food that everyone can enjoy!

Avec Plaisir uses geolocation to connect customers with food allergies and intolerances to restaurants, shop, boutiques, hotels, etc. that can accommodate their dietary requirements. By listing your establishment on Avec Plaisir, you will target and gain new customers. 

Quality, Security and Confidence

Avoid potential legal penalties by adopting allergen policies and procedures and establishing reliable and transparent communication with customers that you are able to accommodate.

An Expert Team at Your Service

Specializing in the field of food allergies, we support you on all your issues (diagnosis, audit, management, display, communication ...).

Increase Your Average Revenue

Investing time and money to offer allergen-free meals and products pays off! It attracts an additional, loyal customers that spend an average of €18 per person on a meal.

Open Your Doors to a New Market

More than one in three people have a food allergy or dietary restriction. Catering to the "allergen-free" market will help define your niche and gain customers that would not have otherwise eaten out.


"Being listed on Avec Plaisir allowed me to reach a new clientele that I had never imagined. My cooking is naturally without mile or lactose, so it was perfect for customers who are lactose intolerant."

Li, General Manager of an Asian Restaurant

"The diagnosis, advice, and tools provided in the professional space of Avec Plaisir allowed me to check that I was in compliance with the regulations and to better meet the specific expectations of my gluten-intolerant customers."

Veronica, Owner of a Family Bed & Breakfast

"The consultation with Avec Plaisir on my management of the allergenic risk allowed me to obtain the annual "Audited by Avec Plaisir" badge and to identify our points of improvement. It is a real guarantee of confidence, security, and quality."

Mark, Franchise Manager

Join our network of professionals offering allergen-free food!

1. Submit your establishment on our site.
2. Indicate which allergen(s) you accommodate and complete additional information about your establishment (hours, services, types of cuisine ...).
3. Make an appointment with one of our experts to certify that your practices meet our Standards of Conduct.
Once your establishment has been validated by our team, we will share it with our community.

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Avec Plaisir: our manisfesto

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Do you commit? We do too!

  • We verify all the addresses we have on our platform to provide reliable and transparent information to consumers
  • We relay your commitment to our community (via our social networks, our blog, our events ...)
  • We are here to inform you and allow you to evolve with us
  • We follow up and stay in touch with you and your team


We are here to support you on all your projects (training, consulting, communication, launch products ...)

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