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Pastry shop Yummy & Guiltfree - Montmartre Free from Gluten Free from Lactose


Yummy & Guiltfree - Montmartre

9 Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France

Pastry shop

Tea room

Yummy & Guiltfree, it is a boutique a little atypical!
At Yummy & Guiltfree, you come to enjoy waffles without guilt or worry, whether you are celiac, intolerant to gluten or lactose in Montmartre! You will enjoy real gastronomic waffles, all guaranteed gluten-free (some are even lactose-free), and with 20% fewer calories. The dough is guaranteed gluten free and lactose free. Between French gastronomy and healthy cuisine, Yummy & Guiltfree succeeds in re-enchanting the waffle of our childhood and making it gourmet, tasty, light and healthy. In salty or sweet, everything is homemade and prepared in front of you, by the minute. You follow the preparation of your waffle behind the glass counter in an open kitchen. What to awaken the appetite! Dressage is particularly worked with a little colored knot added to each waffle.

The recipes are elaborated by a French chef: Damien Cassart. The waffle dough is entirely gluten-free and lactose-free. Damien works only with certified gluten-free flours. All the preparations are made in a dedicated laboratory where the entire production is gluten-free.

On sale, you can also find gluten-free cupcakes (madeleines and financiers). And in summer, the shop offers ice creams and sorbets, to be savored in a vegan and gluten-free cornet. Beware however, the declared allergens concern waffles "iconic". Yummy & Guiltfree regularly offers "ephemeral" waffles that are always gluten-free, but in this case, check out their allergen chart.

Free from Gluten


Free from Lactose

Free from Milk

Free from Cow Milk

Free from Goat Milk

Free from Sheep Milk

Free from Sesame

Free from Fish

Free from Mustard





Remember to always indicate your food allergies or intolerances to the server and/or manager.
© Judith Vibert-Guigue
Gaufre à la vanille de Madagascar
  • Dedicated Lab
Price example
Gaufres salées : entre 7€ et 8,30€
Gaufres sucrées : entre 4€ et 5,50€
Menus Yum (gaufre salée + sucrée) : entre 10,90€ et 14,50€


Yummy & Guiltfree - Montmartre

9 Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France
01 45 66 56 68
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11:00 - 21:00
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11:00 - 20:00
  • Cash, Luncheon voucher, Debit Card
  • Languages Spoken: English, French
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Low capacity
  • Glutenfree pastry
  • Type(s) of service: : Take-away , On-site
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