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Pastry shop La Pâtisserie Autrement Free from Gluten Free from Lactose

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La Pâtisserie Autrement

25 Rue du Pacifique, 76240 Belbeuf, France

Pastry shop


Reservation required

Uniquement sur commande 48h en avance, par mail ou directement sur le site.

After discovering her hypersensitivity to gluten and lactose, Pauline decides to take action. Frustrated not to be able to find pastries she can eat, she left her job as a civil engineer to start a Pastry Chef training and open her own workshop.
Her goal: to match traditional pastries. Paris Brest, chouquette, strawberry cake, opera, fruit pies, chocolate eclair ... everything is gluten-free, dairy-free (milk- and lactose-free).
Pauline also offers plain or buckwheat molded bread, made from rice and manioc.

Located 15 minutes from Rouen, she prepares everything in her lab, dedicated to gluten-free and dairy-free. On order only : all kinds of cakes, pastries, for your family meals, birthdays, baptisms, weddings, birthday snacks or even business seminars. Book 48 hours in advance, via the contact form on her website or by phone, because it is not yet possible to buy at the workshop, only to grab orders.

Aware of the difficulty of beginning a gluten-free and lactose-free diet, Pauline organizes dairy-free and gluten-free pastry courses to share her know-how and tips, and allow you to reproduce yourself at home: desserts, puff pastry, apple slippers, biscuits ... Book your afternoons from 2pm, from Wednesday to Sunday, and leave with your gourmet creations to enjoy with your family or friends.

All her desserts are also peanut-free, but traces can be present in the following coconut cakes: exotic caramel tart, exotic dessert, passion coconut and granola. Sesame is totally absent from breads and pastries, only the salt spread offered during the course may contain traces in the raw materials used.

For Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, Pauline makes gluten-free, lactose-free and milk-free Christmas logs: passion fruit & blackcurrant, chocolate & lemon or chestnut & blackcurrant. You can only order from November, 13rd to December 12nd only, so be ready!

Free from Gluten

Free from Lactose

Free from Milk

Free from Fish

Free from Sulfite

Free from Pois Blond (peas)

Free from Celery

Free from Mustard

Free from Lupin

Free from Sheep Milk

Free from Goat Milk

Free from Cow Milk

Free from Crustaceans

Free from Molluscs


Free from Peanut

Free from Sesame

Remember to always indicate your food allergies or intolerances to the server and/or manager.
Pâtisserie Autrement
Nude cake aux fruits sans gluten sans lait
Pâtisserie Autrement
Chouquette sans gluten sans lait
Pâtisserie Autrement
Fraisier sans gluten sans lait
Pâtisserie Autrement
Paris-Brest sans gluten sans lait
Pâtisserie Autrement
Pain sans gluten
Pâtisserie Autrement
Bûche Praliné citron
Pâtisserie Autrement
Tarte aux pommes sans gluten sans lait
  • Dedicated lab to gluten-free
  • Staff sensitized to gluten-free intolerance
  • Homemade
Price example
Fraisier - 6 personnes : 27 euros
Tarte citron meringuée - 4 personnes : 18 euros
Eclair au chocolat : 3,50 euros l'unité
Cake chocolat rocher - 10 parts : 16 euros


La Pâtisserie Autrement

25 Rue du Pacifique, 76240 Belbeuf, France
06 41 26 81 07
Accès transports Bus F5 (arrêt : Lycée Galilée) ou 13 (arrêt : les Ondelles)
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  • Cash, Debit Card
  • Languages Spoken: French
  • Glutenfree Bread
  • Cooking Lesson/Workshop
  • Glutenfree Eclair
  • Glutenfree pastry
  • Type(s) of service: :
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