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Let’s allergens become an asset for your restaurant!

Increase your visibility with Avec Plaisir

Our community platforms of allergen-free places are personalized according to users’ dietary profile: restaurants, hotels, bakeries…

Attract new customers

More than one person out of three suffers from dietary constraints (allergy, intolerance… diabetes). Far from being a niche market, the “allergen-free” is a promising market.

Increase your average basket

Investing time and money to offer allergen-free meals and products pays off! It attracts additional, loyal customers that spend an average of €18 per person per meal.

Highlight your commitment

Be positive, reliable and transparent through your communications. Benefit from our visibility to attract a qualified clientele, that you are able to safely serve: more than 100 000 readers/month

Quality and security

Avoid sanctions, comply with allergen regulation (INCO 1169/2011) and make sure your process is reliable being helped by our experts of the field and a lab specialized in Food Safety and Quality, Mérieux Nutrisciences.


"Being listed on Avec Plaisir allowed me to reach a new clientele that I had never imagined. My cooking is naturally without mile or lactose, so it was perfect for customers who are lactose intolerant."

Li, General Manager of an Asian Restaurant

"The diagnosis, advice, and tools provided in the professional space of Avec Plaisir allowed me to check that I was in compliance with the regulations and to better meet the specific expectations of my gluten-intolerant customers."

Veronica, Owner of a Family Bed & Breakfast

"The consultation with Avec Plaisir on my management of the allergenic risk allowed me to obtain the annual "Audited by Avec Plaisir" badge and to identify our points of improvement. It is a real guarantee of confidence, security, and quality."

Mark, Franchise Manager

Avec Plaisir: benefit from a reliability and quality guarantee


The allergen diagnosis:

A diagnosis of your establishment to check how you deal with allergen(s): display of information and master of cross-contaminations.


The allergen consulting-visit:

An audit with a complete analysis of your allergen-free offer, following a precise evaluation grid taking into account every step from production to service. Once verified, you could benefit from the annual quality certificate “audited by Avec Plaisir”.

Discover our packages: a combination of referencing, advice and communication to highlight your establishment

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Your establishment record
Access to a dedicated professional space
A complete diagnosis on allergen(s)
Definition of your allergen-free offer
Communication on our media
Our sticker Avec Plaisir
Follow-up interview
An allergen consulting-visit (audit + advice)
Delivery of a certificate of excellence by Avec Plaisir

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Our expertises

Avec Plaisir can help you with all your issues regarding allergens.


Being referenced on one of our platforms will allow you to increase your visibility and benefit from a guarantee of reliability & quality (if eligible to our quality standards). You will be able to access a dedicated space to manage your establishment’s information and consult the latest news of the sector.


Strong of our expertise, networks and dedicated communities, Avec Plaisir designs, orchestrates and amplifies your communication towards a qualified target (national or local level, segmented according to its diet – gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan…)


Avec Plaisir can help you with all your issues: regulation (allergens display, labelling…), culinary consulting, supplier sourcing… with practical tools and packs or tailor-made options.


Avec Plaisir helps you increase your business thanks to its trainings on allergens. Educate or raise awareness among your team about: allergies and allergens, regulation and labelling, welcoming of allergic customers, the “free-from” cuisine… We can adapt our class to your stakes.

An expert team by your side

Meet the team

Julie Maillard, CEO, gluten and lactose intolerant

Allergen-free expert et UX design consultant, she launched Avec Plaisir in 2016, so that « eating outside, sharing a meal with friends remains a pleasure whatever your dietary restrictions are”.

At the same time, Julie hosts conferences and trainings destinated to professionals, to help them understand food-restricted customers and their buying behavior, and guide them in the setting of allergens European regulation.


Last conferences:

  • 2019/01/26 – SIRHA, the world hospitality and food service exhibition: “how to make allergens an asset for your establishment”
  • 2018/11/22 – Technical seminar Hyperglu: scientific committee: “Gluten: know it better, to better react”
  • 2018/10/21 – SIAL TV (The world's largest food innovation exhibition – Avec Plaisir, your gourmet allergen-free expert
  • 2018/02/25 Paris International Agricultural Show – Avec Plaisir, your gourmet allergen-free expert
  • 2018/03/11 – Go Healthy fair: PRO workshop “allergies, intolerances…: how to manage allergens in CHR?”
  • 2018/02/03 – Europain (Bakery-Snacking Fair) “sourcing and management of allergens in bakery and pastry industries”
  • 2017/11/03 – FoodUseTech Exhibition: “Decipher allergen regulation”
  • 2017/05/12 – SAAPS - Trade show dedicated to food allergies and free products: understand dietary-constraints customers (allergic, intolerant…)”


An allergen expertise

Benefit from a targeted and recognized expertise on allergens (professional thesis, consumer and professional conferences, scientific committee…)

Business & trade skills

Communication, business & technology, health & food safety, Avec Plaisir is the combination of complementary profiles (food safety, journalist, digital expert…).

A team concerned

Take advantage from the experience and life of a concerned team (allergic, intolerant…) for reliable information in the field.

A specialized ecosystem

Integrate a network present in the entire industry, from upstream to downstream (industrual, agro-food, hospitality, food-servie, consumers, influencers…)