Avec Plaisir took advantage of the SIRHA exhibition to meet the journalist of Agence France Presse, Rebecca Frasquet and explain its project. The dispatch, "Start-ups combines the pleasure of eating with concern for health and anti-waste", published on January 30, 2019 at 14:16 was then repeated in several media.

Start-ups combines the pleasure of eating with concern for health and anti-waste

• Lyon (Rhône, France)

• January 30, 2019 14:16

• AFP (Rebecca FRASQUET)


Taste pastries made from unsold bread made from flour, or find a good table without giving up healthy eating: 


Taste pastries made from unsold bread made from flour, or find a good table without giving up healthy eating: start-ups try to combine the pleasure of eating with a concern for health and anti-waste.

"Today at the restaurant, when you say you are allergic, the waiter has two types of reaction: either he looks up to the sky, or he brings back a long array of allergens saying: + Tell me which dishes you can eat + ", explains Céline Deval, communication manager of Avec Plaisir, a young woman present at the Sirha food fair in Lyon, which ends Wednesday.

"Today in France, one out of three people is allergic and wants to eat differently, either it is gluten intolerance, hypersensitity, veganism ... and it is difficult for them to find a good restaurant, to find pleasure eating out", she says.

According to Inserm, the number of people with allergies - that their immune system has been disrupted by intolerance to substances that are in principle harmless - "seems to have increased considerably in recent years", and the prevalence of food allergies would be 4% in adult and 8% in children.

Created two years ago and with a partnership with the Mérieux NutriSciences laboratory in Lyon, the Avec Plaisir startup presents itself as "the allergen-free gourmet expert" and has just bought out its French competitor, Eating Out Gluten-Free.

It lists restaurants offering -exclusive or partial-, vegetarian, vegan or "without" one of the 14 main allergens (gluten, lactose, soy, eggs, shellfish, etc.) but also without sugar, salt, pork gelatin...

Being referenced is paying for the professional, who gains an increase of visibility towards specific customers and therefore new clients, argues Ave Plaisir. It lists for now only 200 addresses in France - and very soon 100 more, the company promises - but displays 70,000 page views per month.

"A pastry sho that offers two ^pastries without gluten is eligible for our platform," says Ms. Deval, and addresses are verified, either by phone or via an audit entrusted to the laboratory Mérieux, which "ensures the absence of 'allergen from storage to preparation and service'.

- "Invite to good societal practices" -

This desire to satisfy the growing consumer demand to "eat better" is ubiquitous in Sirha, where innovations such as organic green banana flour from Agro Sourcing - a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour - have been rewarded. the Biote multifibre rod, reputed "beneficial for the gut microbiota".

Composed of plant fibers and developed in three years of research with INRA, this baguette would even have a "major impact on the reduction of cholesterol" in those who consume it, says the company Bridor, which markets it.

Another trend in the spotlight is anti-waste, as restaurant professionals want to "invite good societal practices," according to the Sirha organizers.

But the road is still long and advances, timid: to help the collective catering to innovate, two young agronomists, Noémie Gourtay and Emma Mairel, have created in Rennes the start-up Kolectou.

It offers professionals to make "antigaspi" cakes, cookies, cakes, mellows and muffins made with Tadaam!, A powder made of white bread collected from an industrial bakery, BPA (Bakeries Associated Pastries) and so on. recycled, with the addition of vanilla sugar and an organic baking powder.

"This allows them to revalue the bread in a more ethical way, to give meaning to the work of the teams by creating an anti-waste culture," says AFP Noémie Gourtay, graduate as its partner Agrocampus West.

This preparation gives "a little crunchy side to softness and does not make lumps," says the young entrepreneur, proud to have upgraded 5 tons of bread since September and today in search of business partners to develop Kolectou.

On sale on the website Foodette, Tadaam! will be offered next month in bulk groceries Day by day.


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