With the success of our website and following your many requests, Avec Plaisir launched its Android mobile application. Download it on Playstore or Google Play to find all the allergen-free addresses at once in your pocket!

Application Android Avec Plaisir allergen-free

When we talk about "gluten-free", "lactose-free", ... it's often with a negative or, at best, medical connotation! Avec Plaisir makes the opposite wager, focusing on the pleasure of eating and social bond, with a leitmotiv: "To be able to eat out safely anywhere like anybody!"


How? By creating the first community platform for people with dietary constraints (allergy, intolerance, diabetes, vegan ...) and their entourage, to enable them to find all the places without allergens (restaurant, pastry shop, hotel ... ) in France.


So far, Avec Plaisir is a responsive website and mobile. Today, we complete our offer with an Android mobile application, to use Avec Plaisir more conveniently and easily! A tips to know where to eat or go out, with confidence during the long weekends ahead or the next holidays!

Do you have an iPhone? Do not panic ! Thanks to our video tutorial, you can still install Avec Plaisir on your phone.


Our Android app is constantly improving!

Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form, if you notice difficulties or malfunctions in the application.




Why download the application?

Directly on your phone, the use of our application allows you to find more quickly and easily addresses without allergen (s), everywhere in France! (with an internet connection)


Is it free?

Our application is totally free. You have access to all our places and options without financial compensation.


How to install Avec Plaisir?

Go to the Playstore or Google Play on your smartphone. Indicate "Avec Plaisir" on the search engine. Select the application and install it. Here is the direct link from your phone.


I already have Avec Plaisir on my phone shortcut, what to do?

If you have already installed Avec Plaisir, as a shortcut on your home screen on your phone - through our old tutorial - remember to uninstall or delete it before downloading the application.


Do I have to create an account?

To use the Avec Plaisir application, you must be logged in. If you already have an account Avec Plaisir, just connect the same way you will do on our website (connecting with Google, Facebook or by entering your email and password). 

To achieve this, you must click on create your account via Facebook or Google, and not by entering your email and have not already created an account with Pleasure using email from your Facebook or Google account.

Otherwise, be aware that creating your account, allows you to have access to all features: personalized search according to your food constraints, search filters, reviews, ...


How to connect via Facebook or Google?

To achieve this, you must have created your account via Facebook or Google, and not by entering your email.


Why the Iphone application on IOS is not available?

We are working on it! In the meantime, we remind you that you can still install With Pleasure on your iPhone, by following this tutorial.



What, have not you downloaded the app yet ?! It's this way ! And take the opportunity to rate and give your opinion!