Bannière galette des rois



Celebrate the Epiphany with a gluten-free galette, even free from several allergens, it's possible, thanks to our selection of free from addresses, everywhere in France. After our tips to buy your free from Christmas Log, discover the bakeries, pastries ... verified and checked by our team, where you will be able to buy your "galette des rois", gluten-free, lactose-free... 

Our recommended allergen-free adresses in Paris


Galette des rois - Foucade Pastry shop

Several gluten-free king galettes are available at the Foucade pastry shop. Go for an authentic raw almond flavor or for a more exotic treat with their pineapple / coconut galette, all gluten-free.

To know more, check out Foucade's page on Avec Plaisir's website




Galette - Sitron Pastry Shop
At Sitron, you have the choice between several gluten-free galettes and cakes, with different flavors: the signature one with Almond, the Lemon one with marmalade and candied peel, or the Hazelnut one with hazelnut frangipane and gianduja. Available on order from January 4th.

For more information check out Sitron's page on Avec Plaisir



Biosphère Café 

Galette - Biosphère café
The bakery and creperie Biosphère Café offers a gluten-free cake of kings, one size of 6-8 parts for 28 €. Available only on order 72 hours in advance.

To find out more check out Biosphère Café's page on Avec Plaisir


La Guinguette d'Angèle

La galette des rois sans gluten vegan La guinguette d'Angèle - Avec Plaisir

Angèle prepared her gluten-free King cakes, winking! Enjoy its Végane Queens Galette with almond cream or its classic Frangipane Queen Galette, with a choice of flavors (plain, apple or raw cacao) for both. Count 35 euros a gluten-free galette for 6 people, command to pass minimum 48h.

For more information, check out La Guinguette d'Angèle's page on Avec Plaisir



Our best free from allergens places  in Lyon 

Les Gasteliers

Galette - Les gasteliers

The pastry-catering Les Gasteliers offers you several gluten-free King cakes. The classic, almond frangipane flavor for 24€ (3€ per share), and two more original pistachio and morello cherry, and brownie for chocolate fans for 28€ (3.50€ per share).

To find out more check out Les Gastelier sur Avec Plaisir



Our best allergen-free places in the South

Traiteur et potager

Galette - Traiteur et potager


Between Toulon and St Raphaël, you can also enjoy a cake of kings 100% organic, gluten-free and lactose-free! Available only on order.

For more information, consult Traiteur et Potager's page on Avec plaisir



Les demoiselles de Montpellier

Galette des rois - Les demoiselles de Montpellier


To change from the King's Galette, here is a superb cake of kings without gluten, without dairy and vegan. A subtle wedding of frangipane, candied fruits and orange blossom!

To find out more, check out the page of Les Demoiselles de Montpellier on Avec Plaisir


La Pépite in Marseille

Gluten-free and lactose-free King Galette - la Pépite - Avec plaisir

In Marseille, the La Pépite pastry shop, which has treated you to its allergy-free Christmas Logs, also thinks of Epiphany, with a brioche des rois, gluten-free and lactose-free! Available all week end on order in family version but also in individual version.

For more information check out their page : La Pépite on Avec Plaisir




Our best allergen-free places in Strasbourg

L’eden Boulangerie in Strasbourg

 Galette des rois - l'Eden Bakery - Avec Plaisir, your gourmet allergen-free expert

Celebrate Epiphany at the Eden bakery in Strasbourg! A la carte, two King's galettes: one organic with apple and one with frangipane, both gluten-free.

To find out more, read the description of the bakery Eden on Avec Plaisir



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Very good Epiphany to all!


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