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Bakery Boulangerie Saint-Vincent Free from Gluten Free from Lactose


Boulangerie Saint-Vincent

49 Quai Saint-Vincent, 69001 Lyon, France


Pastry shop

Booking advisable

Pour vos commandes de pains sans gluten ou commandes spéciales, il est conseillé d'appeler à la boutique 2 jours à l'avance (idéalement entre le mardi et le jeudi, pour le sans gluten)

Ideally located on the banks of the Saône, facing the Saint-Vincent footbridge and behind the famous fresco of Lyon, the bakery Saint-Vincent has been offering gluten-free, lactose-free… bread, as well as pastries. And so you know, Denis works with fresh, organic and local products for your delight!
At the head of the bakery, Denis trained in gluten-free cooking in Spain (and we know how far this country is ahead of France in this area!). All gluten-free products are prepared in a dedicated laboratory (separate from the store and bakery with gluten), then filmed or stored in a closed showcase to prevent cross-contamination with others products. Gluten-free analyzes have been performed on the products in 2018, and the lower rate is well below 20ppm, which is suitable for celiacs. Gluten-free products are made from Tuesday to Thursday, so for any special order, remember to warn the bakery upstream, between Tuesday and Thursday.
Bread does not contain gluten, dairy (milk/lactose) or egg. In the gluten range, only sandwiches and bun hamburger contain eggs. A salt-free version, but with gluten is available on order (3 or 4 days ago). Denis’ conservation advice: store the bread in the fridge to keep it longer.
On the pastry side, you will be able to choose between gluten-free muffins (some are even lactose-free and milk-free), gluten-free and dairy-free cookies (coconut & chocolate, nuts & grapes, chocolate, lemon & poppy, raspberry & almonds ...). The bakery also sells cakes and desserts, gluten-free and lactose-free, some are even without eggs. Finally, salted beaks are not forgotten, with salty cakes without gluten and some without lactose.
Only downside, the vegetable cream currently used by the bakery may contain traces of milk protein. This concerns the entremets, the logs at Christmas and the Galette des Rois.

For the holidays, Saint-Vincent's bakery offers gluten-free and lactose-free Christmas logs, as well as King Cake (Galette des Rois). Peanut is not present in the laboratory without gluten, however, nuts are widely used in preparations (nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds).

Free from Peanut

Free from Lupin

Free from Sheep Milk


Free from Gluten

Free from Lactose

Free from Milk

Free from Egg

Free from Celery

Free from Fish

Free from Crustaceans

Free from Molluscs

Free from Cow Milk

Free from Goat Milk




Salt-free diet

Remember to always indicate your food allergies or intolerances to the server and/or manager.
Boulangerie Saint-Vincent
Pains sans gluten
Boulangerie Saint-Vincent
Tarte aux framboises sans gluten
Boulangerie Saint-Vincent
Entremet sans gluten et sans lactose
Boulangerie Saint-Vincent
Tarte aux abricots sans gluten
Boulangerie Saint-Vincent
Cookies sans gluten ni lactose
  • Dedicated lab to gluten-free
  • Staff sensitized to gluten-free intolerance
  • Homemade
Price example
Pain sans gluten : 12,05€/kg, environ 5€/pain
Muffin, cookie :1,40 - 1,50€
Entremet, tarte : 3,10€/part


Boulangerie Saint-Vincent

49 Quai Saint-Vincent, 69001 Lyon, France
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  • Mastercard, Cash, Debit Card
  • Languages Spoken: French
  • Glutenfree Bread
  • Glutenfree pastry
  • Type(s) of service: : On-site
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