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Bakery L'atelier d'Elena Free from Gluten Free from Lactose


L'atelier d'Elena

Rue Saint-Géry 7, 7070 Le Roeulx, Belgique

Certified Bio


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Elena's workshop is the story of Stéphane, artisan-baker, who decides for his celiac wife to make gluten-free bread that tastes good - tested and tasted by his daughter Elena, so that everyone looking for breads and pastries without gluten, but also without lactose or egg, can enjoy delicious food. And the good news is that Elena's Workshop has an online store, which delivers in France, Belgium and the Netherlands! You can buy a wide range of artisan breads, buns and pastries made with gluten-free flours. No risk of contamination in the laboratory - analyzes were conducted on gluten-free. The entire gluten-free range is made in a dedicated lab and are packaged individually. The gluten-free products, sold in its traditional bakery, are stored in a dedicated and closed showcase to avoid any contamination.
A tip, if you plan a trip to our Belgian friends, order from Stephane upstream or even, opt for online sales to be sure to have all the breads and pastries you want in stock!
The choice is vast: sliced bread, baguette, sandwich bread, burger bread. Stéphane has just launched an organic range of toasted bread. Also fill up on flavors: buckwheat, chestnut, corn ... The sweet beaks will also be able to enjoy brioches, waffles, muffins ... You will find all the products and their compositions on his website. And everything can be frozen.

Atelier d'Elena also offers many products without lactose, milk, eggs or nuts ... Stéphane is very vigilant towards cross-contamination. Muesli bread, for example, is produced last, so as not to contaminate other breads with nuts with a special process (to avoid any cross-contamination with other products). The machines and utensils are dedicated, and everything is always carefully cleaned and disinfected between each preparation.
For holiday periods, you will also find sponge cakes perfect for your logs, pies kings and cougnous.

On order, Stéphane can prepare gluten-free cakes (sponge cake with custard, fruit or chocolate ganache). He can also decorate the cake with sugar-free certified sugar paper with a photo printed in your colors. Place your order on Sunday evening at the latest to be delivered on Thursday: delivery is free from 45 € of purchase (and cumulative with the 10% discount on your basket of the code AVECPLAISIR19).

Free from Gluten

Free from Lupin

Free from Mustard

Free from Crustaceans

Free from Molluscs

Free from Fish


Free from Lactose

Free from Egg

Free from Peanut

Free from Nuts

Free from Sesame

Free from Milk



Remember to always indicate your food allergies or intolerances to the server and/or manager.
(c) L'Atelier d'Elena
Pain sans gluten sans lactose sans oeuf
(c) L'Atelier d'Elena
Pain sans gluten sans lactose sans oeuf
(c) L'Atelier d'Elena
Muffin pépite chocolats
(c) L'Atelier d'Elena
Pain Hamburger
(c) L'Atelier d'Elena
Picolo multi
(c) L'Atelier d'Elena
Fine Galette
  • Dedicated lab to gluten-free
  • Staff sensitized to gluten-free intolerance
Price example
Pain et Baguette : 4-5€
Gamme Bio - Pain à toaster : 5-6€
Cramique, Brioche : 5€
Pistolet, Muffin : 0,80-1,20€

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L'atelier d'Elena

Rue Saint-Géry 7, 7070 Le Roeulx, Belgique
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