Avec Plaisir, your ambassador program

Because you are more and more active and your support and participation are essential to the development and success of Avec Plaisir, we decided the Ambassador program!


From today on, all your actions on our website (reviews, photos, new address, ...) will be rewarded. At each end of the month, we will proceed to the count. We will draw lots among the 10 most active profiles of the month, a winner who will win a surprise box of products and goodies without gluten, without lactose, without eggs ...

A way to thank you but also to allow you to discover new brands, products, books...

Your actions rewarded

A winner per month

A surprise box

New discoveries

Ambassador Program Box - Avec Plaisir your allergen-free gourmet expert

You complete your profile+ 50 points

You have created your account, you still have to complete your profile (zipcode, profile picture, your food constraints if you have some, ...) and to agree to receive our newsletter.

You submit new adresses: + 50 points

You have discovered a new restaurant, a new shop, etc. that is not yet online on the site? You can also tell us specific information (address, phone, contact of the manager, his phone number or email, allergen free offers or products available ...)? Send us all this via the "Submit a Place" tab. Warning, you must do it in online mode!

You post a review: + 100 points

Once your account is created, you can in online mode, post detailed and reasoned notices on the establishment cards already online, tell us more about the addresses you have tested recently.

Your share a review with photos
+ 200 points

You share your opinion on a place but in addition, you publish one or more photos of your gourmet experience (dish, dessert, ...).

You become one of our Ambassador:
 + 1.000 points

Restaurant, bakery, shop, hotel, brand, ... You recommend Avec Plaisir to a professional and that leads us to sign with him to be referenced.
Find our offers and rates on our page reserved for pros.



Become the Member of the Month thanks to our Ambassador Program

Let's enter the game!

The good news is that your latest actions since the launch of the new version of the site, May 2, 2018, has been taken into account. The points were awarded retroactively to the October 2018 edition!

For the November 2018 edition, the clocks have been reset for all participants!

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By participating you agree to the rules of the contest, available on this link.


Discover the 10 most active members of October

Programme Fidélité Avec Plaisir

And the random draw designated Adelaidetruddy

Congratulations to her and all the other participants!

See you next month for a new winner, by then, it's up to you to become the new member of the month!